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Terra Santa Roman Catholic Church

Catholic weddings can only be arranged if the bride or groom have NOT previously been married. You will need to make your local parish priest aware of your intent to marry overseas and he will need to view both party's birth certificates.

You will require a freedom to marry, together with your baptism records, which will be sent to your regional Bishop.

Charges for the Terra Santa Catholic Church service are by donation only (recommended donation is around €350).

Irish passport holders only:
The government requires that you also obtain a "Certificat de Coutume" from the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ireland. This is a special document issued by the government stating that you have never been married before and this document is valid for 120 days from the date of issue.

Roman Catholic Church weddings are available in the Terra Santa Roman Catholic Church in Larnaca, which is an exceptionally beautiful venue.

Note: For all Catholic Church weddings, the religious service must be preceded by a registry office ceremony. This does not necessarily have to be done on the same day, the choice is yours.